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Greetings Fellow SkyHypers,

I come to you with some great news! It has come to my attention that some of you have left us over time and moved on to other servers, which given the choice of servers out there, that's understandable. SkyHype isn't booming like it once was and with our major update planned for the coming months, we want you back with us, enjoying the humble server you once sought to play every day!

With that in mind, I'd like to announce that as part of our future expansion, we will soon be adding; Parkour Arenas (Upgraded from the current), Dedicated PvP Arenas & Perks, SkyWars (with our own menus & kits) + a Full rank structure redo. We have some big plans for SkyHype and I want you to be a part of it. Come enjoy classic SkyHype now and when we're ready for our Server upgrade, you'll have a nice rank and a host of free perks to go with it - Ranks apply to all gamemodes after all :)

As a part of our attempt to revive this community, I will be giving away a host of free ranks to existing Donators/Non-Donators. All you have to do is visit the page, whilst signed in to the account you used whilst playing here and claim your free rank!
There is, however, a limited number of ranks that will be given away;

25x SkyHero
10x SkyHero - SkyGod
10x SkyGod - SkyReaper
10x Tier 5 Spawner Collection (Reaper Only)

I would like to welcome you back to our community and I hope that you will enjoy our upcoming changes!

techguy4642 Are they all out now?
HeroWade Reaper if this is true I'm gonna have to come back!
Adrianna How to play games?

Name Effects

ixBrandon posted Mar 26, 16



Available in the Store as single items or as a bundle!

HayBri Skygod Would it show as ixBrandon or as my name xD
HeroWade Reaper Not with reaper :( xD

I have small Trails update just in for those of you who are interested in expanding your fashion wear.

New to Reapers I present Wings! Using /Trails you can access the Wings builder and give yourself cool animated wings by selecting 3 Colours! (Seen Below)

You can also buy this feature for a small fee of $7.50 from here:

Hope you continue to enjoy our server, as you may notice from the trail menu, there are many more to come!

HeroWade Reaper Look at that model go!
eM_Silent Managerskygoddess eM_Silent then started his career as a professional model.

New Years Update!

ixBrandon posted Dec 30, 15

Firstly Happy New Years Skyhypers!

We now have new enchants which can be accessed via "/hypeshop" And then exchanged at "/warp hypeenchants"

We're using a plugin called Custom Enchants, Information on the Enchants can be found here:

Note, not all the enchants on here are included as of yet, but 17 have been.

Each Enchant will cost you 50k Hype, Yes, 50k Hype. With our push to increase server traffic we need you to vote, and those who vote often will be rewarded with PvP Enhancers. It will then cost you a futher $25k to use the enchant per use. However the 50k Hype is a one time payment.


The Raffle Entries are now Closed, Thanks for all those who donated over the christmas period. The winners will be announced soon.

Christmas Sale

ixBrandon posted Dec 19, 15

From the 23rd December to the 2nd January we will be offering a 35% off everything the store, including rank upgrades.

Any purchases made in this time will submit you into the SH Christmas raffle which will entitle you to win either a Rank Upgrade, A command or a Spawner Collection. You are entitled to one ticket per $3 Spent, or alternatively you can buy SH Christmas Raffle tickets. These prizes stated will be updated on the 23rd when the competition opens.

Use this link to buy individual Tickets: