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Halloween Sale!

ixBrandon posted Oct 28, 15

Greetings SkyHype players! As a treat for your continued dedication to our server we're rewarding you all with a tasty 33% off everything in the SkyHype store. This includes bundles which are already disconted! The offer ends monday (11-02-15) so be sure to take full advantage of our massive sale!

If you're having troubles upgrading your rank, please us one of the denominations here: . Remember the base Value of SkyHero/Heroine is $15 & The base value of SkyGod/Goddess is $30.Therefore you must use the Cumulative value of your rank & a denomination to upgrade. So during the sale a SkyGod only has to pay $10 to upgrade to Reaper!

Enjoy your weekend! And if you're having any issues please don't hesitate to contact me!

spotthegecko skyhero i ment down
spotthegecko skyhero its done and I don't know wen it will be back up?
Giraffe_lover_14 is server down or is it my WIFI?

We're Back!

ixBrandon posted Oct 1, 15

So I'm pleased to announce the server is back online, after a gruelling two days of maintenance we're proud to re-release skyHype to the public once more. There are a few known bugs which we do hope to fix as soon as we can. There are a few annoucnements I would like to make:

Firstly: New Spawn!

For the last 2 days Miren, Patty & Rob have been working countless hours in order to rebuild our spawn for the deadline (Which we went over slightly). Other staff did assist here & there, but these 3 deserve the most credit. (Pictures below)

Secondly: New PvP Arena!

As you may have noticed, we now have a new PvP Arena, there have been some changes;

- /fix & /fix all are now allowed to be used.

- Enderpearls are currently disabled - However they will be re-enabled very soon.

- BUG : "/pvp" no longer takes you to an appropriate spot. From now on players must use "/warp pvp" and walk through the portal.

- Players can no longer exit fights by jumping off the edge, you either Run, Die or us "/leave".

Thirdly: Complimetary Spoils

As a thank you for your continued patience I have added complimentary spoils to the SkyStore which can be found here: Free Spoils!

This offer only lasts until 9th October, and can only be claimed once per character, per household.

Finally: System Changes

Moving forward it is important for us to make sure things like this don't happen again, we have implemented a few changes back end so that if something bad happens to the server again, we can restore it much faster and much more efficiently.

Thank you for your patience over the last few days,

- ixBrandon (Manager)

HeroWade Reaper bye bye armor!
KeyPlaysMC Reaper Hehehe in the PvP section, it says us /leave instead of use /leave C:
HeroWade Reaper I want to say thank you to Rob Patty and Mir That spawn looks epic can't wait to log in!

Server Maintenance

ixBrandon posted Sep 29, 15

As Some of you are aware the server is down, we are working very hard to bring it back up so as an ETA I wil say it will be fully restored on the 1st of October.

If you were online when then "incident" occured your items/balance will be refunded, we know who was and wasn't online...

We're really sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused some of you and when you rejoin the server everyone will be given complimentary spoils (Found at spawn)

I would also like to state that NOTHING HAS BEEN RESET! All of your Items/Islands/Stats are fine and have not been comprimised in anyway.

Thank you for your patience.


RobuParoxysm Reaper released, go go go!
Mirenithil skygoddess IT'S OPEN
RobuParoxysm Reaper calm down guys, we're wrapping everything up and getting ready for release soon

More Bonus Spoils!

ixBrandon posted Sep 28, 15


So on our push to expand our server and get our traffic to what it once was I have released a couple of bonuses;

Daily voting bonus:

- You will receive 1 x SkySpoils if you vote on all voting links once per day.

Weekly voting bonus:

- You will receive 5x SkySpoils if you vote on all voting links once per day, for 7 consecutive days.

- 5000 Bonus Hype

This is our way of saying thank you for your continued support of our server by voting for us...Love you all <3

Griffinator55 Reaper muhahaha all the hype and skyspoils are mine
Mirenithil skygoddess Oohwee, me likey. Bwahaha ^___^

As of the 13th September, we have implemented the chance for "50" players to gain SkySpoils. This can only be obtained when 50 players are signed in concurrently. The number required to gain this bonus is subject to change with our push to increase our community. This, ontop of "/giver" means that regular players have the chance to gain 3 x SkySpoils per day & Donators 4.

In terms of the plugin development we plan to add in the near future; Consecutive days bonus & Bonus chests (Similar to bonus hype when voting).

If you have any suggestions feel free to comment them below...

xHottie Every 4 votes* XD
xHottie I suggest 1 sky spoil every vote